Staffing Structure

The Nominated Individual oversees all operational aspects of the care the company provides and liaises with the development, properties and marketing, human resources and finance departments to ensure that all facets of the company are running effectively and cohesively to the full benefit of the individuals we support and the business. They will oversee the performance of the service managers.


Registered Managers

Registered Managers complete an assessment with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) to ensure they are equipped and suitably experienced to take full responsibility for the care of vulnerable individuals. They are accountable for the general running of their named service and the staff team employed there. Registered Managers are accountable to the Nominated Individual and oversee the performance of deputy managers.


Deputy Managers

Deputy Managers and Senior Support Workers coordinate shifts on a day to day basis, supervise and guide the group of Support Workers they are leading during each shift, help service users to manage their finances and administer medication to those requiring it. They are overseen by the Service Manager. The Deputy Manager acts up in the Service Manager's absence.


Support Workers

Support Workers are at the forefront of the services we offer and are in some aspect our most important team members as they are the individuals who support and care for the service users 24 hours a day. They ensure that the residents are living as full a life as possible by providing personal care, nutrition, domestic upkeep, access to the community, the use of local amenities, social interaction and every other feature of daily living that a person could require in a manner that is most preferable and suitable to them. They are supervised by the team leaders and manager to ensure they are doing this to the best of their ability.


Quality Assurance Personnel

Quality Assurance Personnel work alongside Registered and Service Managers to audit separate services and ensure all services offered and work completed is of the highest standard possible and adheres to all relevant legislation and criteria set by governing bodies such as Care Quality Commission.


Human Resources Team

The Human Resources Team from Peninsula HR services coordinate with the Nominated Individual and other managers to ensure that every issue relating to recruitment, employee contracting and disciplinary procedure is dealt with efficiently and fairly, in line with employment legislation.

Every member of personnel within the company is subject a check with the Disclosure and Barring Service before their employment commences.